Saturday, November 2, 2013

Vegan Whipped Cream

As I went around my sons classroom to serve up his birthday dessert to all his buddies, I noticed a sad look on one of the boys faces as he said, "I can't have dairy". I then asked him if he'd like some coconut whipped cream and his face lit up. He ate it all and wanted more. 
This stuff's good, real good. And easy too. 

  • 1 can coconut milk
  • 2 tbs maple syrup or honey
  • 6 drops liquid stevia
Empty most of coconut milk into a small bowl, leaving some of the liquid in the can. The more liquid you choose to use, the more watery the whipped cream will be. And keep in mind that after chilling, the whipped cream will be thicker because the fat will solidify. So don't worry if it looks thin. 

Next, using a hand held mixer, combine the cream and sweeteners for 2-5 minutes or until desired consistency is achieved. Remember, it will be more watery that your end product, but fear not! 

Lastly, pour into a jar or tupperwear with a lid and put in fridge for at least half an hour. But it should keep for weeks, but most likely won't last very long. 

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