Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kale Chips

So for the past year or so kale chips have been showing up on our local co-op shelf. I always think, 'what the hell, they're just dried out kale, yuck!" But then I tasted one and realized the addictive quality that they have. Who knows why. Maybe it's the saltiness and cruchiness that make them soooooo incredibly hard to put down. But when my very picky 4 year old started doing his food dance, I knew I was onto something. Yes, this was the first time he had eaten a green! 

So kale chips, very expensive, but oh so easy to make at home. Here's how:


  • Kale 
  • olive oil
  • sea salt
  • garlic and onion powder
  • Bragg's (or another wheat-free soy sauce)
  • nutritional yeast 
  • sesame seeds (optional)
Preheat oven to 500 degrees! Tear up a head or two of kale into large pieces (about 3 inches each, if they are too small, they burn easily) Now toss all your ingredients in a large bowl. I didn't specify amounts because you should flavor it as you see fit. One head of kale filled up 3 large mason jars. Lay kale out on a baking or cookie sheet a single layer at a time (it may take a few batches to go through all your kale).

Unfold kale and don't let them touch. Cook for just 5-6 minutes or until all chips come out crispy, but not burnt.  This is the touchy part, I usually burn at least a few chips, but you oven temperature may vary from mine, so try cooking them first at 3 minutes, then look in every minute to see how they are fairing until you find your correct baking time. Pain in the butt, yes, but you only have to do it once. I suppose this would work great in a dehydrator, but since I don't have one, I'll stick to baking them. 

I actually used a pizza stone for them last time and it worked great. But the trick is to cook them so that they are crispy and you have no "kind of cooked" pieces left. If you have any moisture left in them, when you go to store them they will make ever other kale chip in the jar soggy. It's a good idea to leave the lid off the jar in case you have any moisture that may have snuck in. But most likely, you'll eat them all before you can store them away. 

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